Take a Break at Limelight Salon

Hey moms!

Are the kids wearing you out a little bit this summer? Are you looking for a way to spend a quiet afternoon being pampered?

It’s time to hire a sitter and come into Limelight for a little R&R that will leave you looking gorgeous! Whether you need a simple trim or you want to change your look, we are ready to make you feel special!


Sleek Hair at the Beach

You want to look HOT in the summer, especially for vacation pictures, but we know how hard it is to tame the frizz when you are at the beach. That’s why our Brazilian Smoothing treatments are SO amazing! You can look effortless without have to hide your hair under a baseball cap!

In just a few hours at Limelight Salon, we can completely cut down on your drying and styling time and leave your hair shiny and straighter than you thought possible! Call us for more information and get ready to have more fun in the hot Carolina sun!

College Hair Appointments

As hard as it is to believe, we are starting to book appointments NOW for our gorgeous college students! Book early to save a spot so you can turn heads on campus! We can also book your appointments for the rest of the year so you can have touch ups when you are home in Charlotte on breaks!

Call today! 704-953-3621


Straight Hair, Don’t Care

But make sure you DO care! The latest looks in Charlotte hair may be the sleekest in recent memory, but you have to be careful not to damage your hair in the process! Make sure that you are using the right products for the job! We suggest protecting your hair from heat styling with Kenra Hot Spray 20! It’s a high-hold spray that will protect your hair from the heat of blow drying and hot irons but doesn’t make your iron sticky. Plus, you will get a boost of gorgeous shine that lasts a long time!

Humidity is going to play a big part in how straight your hair stay. We highly suggest a fabulous Brazilian Smoothing treatment to ensure your style is straight on point. Want to know more? Call us today and we would be happy to answer questions you have!

And remember, there is no need to crank your hot iron to the hottest setting! You will burn your hair. Low and slow will do the trick!


Top Knots Are HOT

We told you that the latest trends are TOP KNOTS and they are the perfect way to keep cool while looking chic this summer! If you want a private tutorial, make an appointment and we we show you how to look stylish in no time! Top knots are perfect for showing off your shoulders and that in line with all the styles for summer. If you are in the Charlotte area and looking for a great hair stylist, call us today!


New Hair Trends for Summer in Charlotte

Summer in Charlotte is going to be HOT and the styles will be even hotter! If you are looking for the best hair salon in Charlotte, you should come to Limelight Salon across from South Park Mall! We are turning up the heat on the hottest trends in summer cuts, highlights, and so much more!

According to Cosmo, Bohemian braids, mushroom bowl haircuts, high pony tails, very straight hair and ballerina top knots are all back in vogue! Read more about summer hair and make up trends here.

It’s all about that super straight, shiny blonde hair this summer according to Harper’s! 

Are you looking for the perfect cut for the season? Take a look at these gorgeous haircuts from Elle!

Our job at Limelight is to make you look beautiful this summer. Call us today to book an appointment and the sun won’t be the only thing HOT this summer!

Babe Eyelash Serum is HERE!



Babe Eyelash Serum is NEW at Limelight Salon! We can’t wait to introduce you to a fabulous new way to have sexier lashes! Your eyes will love your new lashed because they will look healthier and longer!!

Simply use Babe Eyelash Serum once a day. We suggested using it right before you go to bed. You will apply the serum right above your upper lash line and allow it to dry. In 4-6 weeks, you will notice that your lashes are the lashes of your dreams!

Your bottle of Babe Lash should last you about 3 months. It’s safe to use for those who wear contacts!

Get LUCKY! Fabulous Hair in Charlotte for March!

Spring has SPRUNG here in Charlotte and it’s not just the flowers that are showing off their colors! We love the vibrant colors and bold blondes of summer at Limelight Salon! It’s time to ditch those dreary ends, opt in for the best look of the season and give yourself the gift of a gorgeous, modern long bob! Highlights and fantastic color add depth and stunning style! Don’t believe us? Look how many celebrities are rocking the long bob!

Book an appointment today with the best salon located right across the street from South Park Mall! Enjoy a couple of hours in our chair getting gorgeous and then head over to the mall for something pretty from Lily to complete your spring look!

Can’t wait to see you!


Fighting Dry Hair in Charlotte

After last week’s horrible snow (jokes!), we all cranked up the heat to survive the cold. You may have noticed that your hair is starting to feel dry. At Limelight, we are all about some luscious, healthy hair and we wanted to give you a few quick tips on how you can help at home or we can help at our salon near South Park Mall.

Here are some ideas you can try at home-

  1. Wash your hair less often. We preach this ALL the time, but really if you can take some days off from washing, you will retain more moisture in your hair. Try dry shampoo if your roots start to become greasy. (We have some great dry shampoo at the salon. Ask us next time!)
  2. Brush more often & massage your scalp. We’ve all heard that 100 strokes a night promote beautiful hair, but massaging promoted circulation in the scalp and brushing distributes the moisture throughout the hair. (Talk to us about brush suggestions!)
  3. Cover your hair when you go out in cold temperatures.
  4. Put down the hot tools! Let your hair naturally dry, turn straightening iron temperatures down and give your hair a rest.

What can Limelight do to help?

  1. TRIM! Trimming those dead ends off will make a big difference!
  2. Come in for a deep conditioning treatment. 20 minutes can make all the difference in how your hair feels!
  3. Take a break from bleach. Let’s talk about working a clear gloss in to make hair shiny.

We are always here to make your hair gorgeous. If you are looking for the best salon in Charlotte, look no further than Limelight Salon!


New Year and a New You

Maybe you have promised yourself that in 2017 you are going to hit the gym 5 times a week.

Maybe you are going to read more or find a passion that truly fills your soul.

Or maybe this is the year to invest in really gorgeous hair. Not just a trim. Not just pinning pictures of other people with great hair on Pinterest and wishing it were you.

Make this the year that you start coming in to Limelight to get those #hairgoals in check. Want longer hair? Let’s plan on a maintenance package to do it in a healthy way. Want to rock a blonder you? Let’s make it happen! Have a look that you are dying to try? Make this the year you WOW everyone!

Be the girl in Charlotte that everyone envies. Come to Limelight Salon.