Limelight Salon Testimonials


“I have been going to Lisa for over 12 years!! I love her and she is so skilled at what she does. She is the only Charlotte hairdresser that ever made me comfortable enough with my look to wear my hair curly, I even used to carry her cards with me before Internet to hand out b/c so many people would ask me for her information – I am sure she is a pro with all she does, but, speaking from experience – she is the naturally curly hair expert of the Queen City!!!!”
Amy M.

The Fenns

“Is there such a thing as a hair soulmate? If so, I found it in Lisa seven years ago. She makes me and my five guys always look fabulous!”
Betsy F.


“Lisa has been styling my hair for 20 years. I don’t continue to go to Lisa because she is my friend or because it has been so long, but because I love what she does with my hair. Her abilities change with the times. I receive compliments on a regular basis and have referred many happy customers to Lisa throughout the years. I send them, she keeps them. I look forward to many years to come!”
Kerry P.


“Lisa has been cutting and highlighting my hair for over 11 years. As my family can attest, I am constantly getting compliments on my hair. Prior to finding Lisa, I struggled with hair dressers that did not know how to cut or style naturally curly hair. Thanks to Lisa’s talent someone besides myself fixed my hair on my wedding day. Wouldn’t have trusted anyone else! Lisa is excellent at her profession and I would recommend her to anyone.”
Kim C.


“I’ve been a client of Lisa for over 17 years. I commute an hour both ways but only trust Lisa. She is an amazing stylist!!”
Robbee M.


“Lisa’s been doing my hair since perms were “IN” in the 80’s~ I consistently get stopped by strangers telling me how much they love my hair cut! Most often it’s just before I’m due to go back and see her!! It’s as fantastic a style the last week as it was the first day. She is truly an artist! She’s also my therapist and good~will coach and well, frankly … she ROCKS!”
Victoria G.


“Lisa started doing my hair 13 years ago! She has been amazing ever since. I would refer any type of hair to her. She continues to stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. She is Amazing!”
Tiffany B.

“Had a great time yesterday getting my hair done by Lisa at Limelight Salon’s brand new digs! Loved the decor and relaxing atmosphere – and Lisa’s got MAD skills! Love my hair – thanks Lisa!”
Jennifer B.

“Lisa is awesome! There aren’t that many hairstylists around who understand you and what you like in a haircut and who then can turn that vision into a reality. It is incredibly difficult to find a balance between your wants as a client and what can actually be achieved with your individual hair. Lisa is a pro who knows how to do just that. I am so glad I switched. I’d rather go without a haircut for a year than trust anyone else with it. I love Lisa…the person and the hairstylist! :)”
Dani S.

“Talk about a makeover. I hide all pictures of myself from before going to Lisa. She LISTENS to what you say and gives updated, stylish cuts. The color is awesome and she cares what you think. She’s not happy unless you are. You can’t go wrong with Lisa!!!!”
Shannon H.

“Lisa not only styles my hair, I take my 3 boys to her. My older two will ONLY go to Lisa–and that’s how I feel, too!! I went through 4 stylists in Charlotte before I found Lisa.”
Jennifer L.

“Not only does she make my 6 year-old look like a princess, but she makes me look like a rock star!! I love the fact that she is fast because who really has 3 hours to be in the hair salon, but more importantly I love the fact that she is AMAZING!!!”
Ashley T.

” I love Lisa! Not only is she just plain fun to hang around with while my foils are cooking, she is so talented. It’s great to have someone who understands how to cut curly hair too.”
Kelly Y.

“Anyone who knows me knows how seriously I take my hair. Maybe too seriously but that’s a conversation I’ll save for my therapist. However my point is when you take your hair as seriously as I do, you just don’t trust it to anyone. I can’t imagine anyone other than Lisa running their hands through my thick, long mane. I’ve been treating my hair for over 20 years now and if it wasn’t for Lisa’s magic, my hair would be a dead, split end mess that showed it’s history. But instead, I have a lush head of hair – all thanks to Lisa. ”
Brandi M.